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We know that the shape your spine is in determines and limits what you can do with it. We know that what you do with your spine affects and limits the shape it can be in.

What Chiropractic uniquely offers to this cycle is a short circuit that can get your spine into good shape and allow good function.  We can give you advice that will make your function, or the way you use your spine,  allow you to have the best spine you can have.


How does this work? It works in two ways. It works Mechanically and Neurologically

Mechanically a Chiropractic adjustment restores normal tension or stiffness to spinal segments. When the joints between two spinal segments, or vertebrae, are too stiff, the disc between the vertebrae can't expand and compress the way it is designed to and this limits its nutrition. Just like we do when we don't get enough food, it wastes away and gets thinner. This is the beginning of degenerative disc disease.

Neurologically when the joints between two vertebrae are too stiff the nerve endings initially send lots of messages to the Central Nervous System. Over time these messages reduce to the point where less than normal information is getting to the Central Nervous system about the joint. Both situations are inefficient and lead to a lower level of control of the body by the Central Nervous System. 

A Chiropractic adjustment frees the joints between the vertebrae and deals with the Mechanical stiffness to prevent the wear and tear, and normalises the nerve ending messages to the CNS so that your body can work at its best. 

This whole scenario can happen before you feel any pain.